The services we offer – websites, graphics, maps, and market research – are a reflection of a variety and depth of experience from business and goverment. We utilize advanced software tools, decades of experience, education, and knowledge base, and core operating principles in conducting this work for you to grow your business. All of our services are described below, and examples can be found on the portfolio page.


Get Visual offers a unique approach to website creation and ongoing improvement, including client collaboration, "ground up" design and programming, clean code, ease of performing updates, and built-in ease of changing website look and feel (style). We avoid the use of templates and "sameness" so your site looks unique, not like countless other websites out there. Our collaborative work ultimately leads to more desirable results, more satisfied clients, and better interaction with your customers than any template-oriented and do-it-yourself web solutions. Our aim is to partner with you to mobilize your unique ideas, reach your customers, and increase your business.

Our approach readily accommodates search engine optimization (SEO) best practices by keeping design and coding simple. This results in a website that gets noticed on search engines, and one that is easy (and inexpensive) to change/update when you change your mind or need to add content. Since most websites and businesses never stay the same, it's always a good idea to be able to adapt and change. Our approach is ideal for businesses and organizations that primarily need to provide information about products/services, engage in small-scale e-commerce, and/or communicate information to a large audience. These types of websites need not be complicated and/or expensive to create and maintain.

Why your business needs a new or improved website

We (and everyone else!) just can't say enough about how important it is for any business to have a good, attractive, easy to use website. Simply put, websites are the best combination of effectiveness, value, and ease of reproduction that you can possibly use to promote your business and get messages out to your existing and potential customers. This is especially true considering that the potential "reach" of a website has no boundaries. In addition to engaging your target market, you have the potential to penetrate and access segments and groups you never thought of, and enable them to communicate with each other by trading and posting links to your site via social media channels. It's like having the entire world potentially exposed to what you have to offer. Need we say more about why you MUST have a good website?

Why Get Visual is different

Chances are, a small business in retailing, consulting, hospitality, or other segments – or a community organization – needs to control expenses and avoid paying for website services that don't have a commensurate impact on revenues or value. Get Visual fills this niche by offering common sense, low cost, one-stop solutions to your basic website needs. We can provide a website solution that is custom-made for your business, optimized for search engines, and affordable to keep up-to-date and effective over the long term. You want to be able to have an effective web presence without making it too complicated and overly expensive, and Get Visual can deliver you and your customers maximum value, and on time. At the same time, we offer a level of customization and uniqueness that is difficult to match anywhere.


Tim McCauley has a 20-year history of using computer graphics software (Corel Draw, Adobe Illustrator, GIS, photo editing, and others) to create, manipulate, enhance, enlarge, and compile anything graphical. Once graphics are in a computerized format, they almost always can be scaled, manipulated, and combined with other computer graphic elements, objects, content, etc. to create just about any type of video or print image. The results can be printed on any device, emailed, placed into a website, and used for social media, among other things.

Get Visual can even help you implement that concept you scribbled on a piece of paper or the back of a napkin. We are in the business of taking ideas and turning them into graphical and visual communications using tools that enable you to maximize the possibilities. Just a few examples are promotional posters, magazine and newsletter ads, logos, business cards, tri-fold brochures, and restaurant menus.

Many of our clients have computerized graphics, logos, signs, and other materials prepared in the past by graphic artists and others, and they have permission to reproduce, re-use and re-purpose those materials. They may also similarly have "hard copy" artwork that needs to be scanned or photographed – put into digital form first – and we are capable of getting this done easily and inexpensively. We have worked with our clients to make use of their graphics in websites, business cards, flyers, signs, etc. We have also modified those graphics to change text, colors, resolution, and other attributes – including hard copy materials. If you have existing artwork and need help putting it to use, we are experts, and the possibilities are endless. If you have questions, please contact us, and we can advise you on how to proceed.


Geographic Information System (GIS) technology enables us to use readily available map sets provided by federal, state, and local governments to create and customize maps to suit any business purpose. Maps can be converted to vector and bitmap graphics, like those used in publications and websites, to be modified, stretched, and combined with other content such as text and logos. Tim McCauley of Get Visual is an expert at using GIS and maps to create illustrations, perform market analysis, and conduct demographic/economic research, having been engaged in these activities for over 20 years, much of this in the public sector.

Our aim is to increase awareness and to demonstrate, through our market research activities, how it is very relevant to business applications. Regarding market research in particular, Get Visual maintains maps and associated MARKET AREA DATA FOR ANY AREA OF THE UNITED STATES – including a wealth of information for all areas of North Carolina right at our fingertips (see "Market Research" section below). We continue to be an advocate for the use of GIS and maps in business. We do so because GIS can deliver enormous cost savings for many business activities, and makes advanced capabilities available to even the smallest businesses.


Market research might seem like a big departure from websites and graphics, and that's why most web and graphic design firms don't offer it. Tim McCauley of Get Visual has spent decades his career using the tools of market research to analyze the demographic, economic, and housing characteristics of all types of areas, from neighborhoods to states to regions of the U.S. His skills can be used to help businesses understand how those characteristics are manifested geographically within their service areas, and confirm what type and how many potential customers they can access. If you thought sound market research was unavailable and/or cost-prohibitive to small businesses and community organizations, think again. Get Visual can make it a reality for you. The information is available and ready NOW.

Get Visual can help you to identify and characterize your target markets using advanced technologies that actually make the task simple, understandable, and affordable. Our secret weapon is a combination of readily available data from the U.S. Census and other government sources, along with geographic information system (GIS) maps linking demographic data with your service area. This makes it very efficient, effective, and low-cost for us to help you get to know your market area, perhaps in comparison with other market areas elsewhere (even in different states), so you can make business decisions based on facts and not assumptions. For example, it is possible to know quite precisely how many people of a certain age and gender reside with 3 miles of your business, or how many owner-occupied housing units within a certain value range are located within your service area. If you need to know more about where you do business now or in the future, please contact us for an estimate.


our services for web design and programming, graphics, maps, and market research are all based upon an hourly rate of $60. This "consulting-based" pricing seems to be a good overall approach for most of our clients, since they pay only for actual work performed and that which is necessary to fulfill their needs. "Package" deals that are all too common in the website business are typically not well-tailored to the needs of clients, often result in poor value and websites that don't get updated, and make incremental improvements difficult or impossible. In general, Get Visual can get a simple 5-page website up and running with approximately 6 to 15 hours of work, which translates into an initial cost of $400 to $650, with 10-12 hours being typical. Website hosting is $130 per year, with the $60 hourly rate applying to changes/updates – which can be surprisingly affordable even with significant changes in a given month, primarily because of our "clean code" approach to programming.

The amount of work that goes into any project involving graphics, maps, or market research is highly variable, depending on the client and nature of the project. We believe it is most fair and reasonable to both us and clients to base the cost of each project on the $60 hourly rate. While we will always attempt to provide "ballpark" estimates at the beginning of each project – which we will make every attempt to conform with – knowing the exact final cost is difficult or impossible because of the various changes that take place as we proceed through a collaborative process. We will engage in ongoing communication with each client to ensure that we are all aware of project costs as we move along. Please contact us for any questions regarding these types of projects, and enable us to provide you with an estimate.
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