Get Visual Business Solutions is a unique local Triangle provider of web design, graphics, search engine optimization (SEO), website hosting, and mobile friendly websites. Businesses and organizations working with us get a rare skillset that includes expertise and decades of experience in public relations, computer graphics, photography, and computer programming. In addition, we are knowledgeable in marketing, branding, business strategy, demographics, social media, and using the internet to reach customers and increase business activity. What this means to our dozens of long-term clients is a one-stop approach to all of their website needs, without a need for various specialists to get the job done right. This results in reduced costs, shorter turnaround times, and less confusion about what is really needed for a website to help achieve business goals.

Get Visual partners with you to create custom websites and graphics incorporating thoughtful design, navigation, and content. As a result, your website and visual communications will engage customers, create a lingering positive impression, and perhaps most importantly show up prominently on Google and Bing. We operate with constant awareness of what makes your website perform well in search engine results, and analyze website traffic data to understand how customers find and utilize your website. Unlike others focused on web design and graphics, we are also experienced at using location analytics (location-based demographics) to help you to better understand your market area. Tim McCauley, the leader of Get Visual, has decades of experience in business and government prior to focusing on web design and graphics. He is dedicated to providing you with outstanding service, well-developed business knowledge, and a complete one-stop website/graphics solution.

Our services and products are highly customized to fit your specific needs and discernment, and tailored (not templated!) to your unique business or organization, especially small and micro businesses. As a general approach, we aim to clearly explain and de-mystify information technology and websites, provide affordable and effective services and consultation, and make sure clients are getting what they need on an ongoing basis. The ongoing relationship with clients is something Tim values highly, sets Get Visual apart from others in our business.


We create websites from "scratch" or from "the ground up" without relying upon templates and their associated limitations. This enables us to partner with you and for you to implement your vision of what your website should be. We can also re-create and enhance an existing website for improved look/feel, functionalty, and hosting.


The term "graphics" covers a huge variety of materials, from business cards to logos to website content to signs and posters, and many things in between. All we need to create graphics for you is a concept and an application. We can also modify or utilize existing artwork and merge it with other materials. We can turn your vision into great results.


Computerized maps and aerial images are readily available for any large or small area of the United States. It takes tools, talent, and expertise to create accurate maps for use in creating graphics, market research tools, and location analytics. We have what it takes to mobilize this valuable resource for use in your business applications.


Most small businesses and community organizations have little or no quantitative information about their customers, target markets, or service areas. Like maps, much data is readily available, but it takes the right knowledge to put it to use. We are experts at using U.S. Census data along with GIS to make this surprisingly easy and affordable.


Get Visual Business Solutions has identified four core operating principles that pre-define our relationships with clients, partners, and others we interact with – shown on the graphic to the left. We consider these to be imperatives in our day-to-day work, and strive to ensure we follow through on each one. We are customized, collaborative, responsive, and insightful in every job we do and in every client relationship we undertake. This helps us to achieve the best possible results in "marrying" the disciplines of technology, business, and art to create great visual communication for our clients. More info on these below.


Get Visual specializes in creating the look and functionality YOU want with visual communication, including the ability to implement your unique ideas and designs. It is unnecessary to be boxed in with templates and standardized packages, and we make sure that all of your options are considered. This is also surprisingly cost-effective.


We make it a point to consider YOUR ideas and creative input. Our clients come up with some wildly creative and innovative stuff that we and others haven't thought of. We will also work with other members of your creative "team" such as graphic artists, marketing folks, or your relative who dabbles in graphics and websites on the side.


We promptly return phone calls and emails, unlike many others in the website business. Get Visual understands that providing good customer service is a benefit to us as much as our clients, since much of our business comes via referrals from delighted customers. Changes to websites, graphics, and other products are performed promptly.


The variety and depth of our experience in business, government, and technology, among other subjects, enables us to have a clear understanding of your business or organization, your customers, and therefore your needs. As a result, we can help you identify potential problems and opportunities for better visual communications.


Tim McCauley, the driving force behind GetVisual, has over 20 years of experience creating maps, graphics, photographs, and print publications to convey information. He has an extensive backgound in managing geographic and demographic oriented data analysis projects, as well as providing excellent customer service to businesses and the public. Tim is an accomplished technical writer and an advanced user of geographic information systems (GIS), which is particularly valuable for market research. He completed his MBA degree in 2009 and is keenly interested in helping you know your customers and communicate with them effectively.

Tim is very accustomed to working with design concepts, photographs, graphics, maps, and data alongside computer applications, programming, and operating in technically demanding environments. He thrives in marrying art with technology to create visual products that communicate complex information. Building websites is thus a natural activity for him, allowing him to maintain sight of "big picture" issues – those most important to his business clients – better than many others in the website creation arena. With his business, customer service, and data analysis background, he is able to fully understand and advise clients regarding their customer demographics, financial issues, business environment, target markets, and getting maximum value from their visual communication and marketing materials.