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Get Visual builds websites from the "ground up" without relying on templates. This enables us to create the exact look, feel, color scheme, navigation, and content YOU want, instead of conforming to limitations imposed by standardized "packages." It also enables us to create websites that use simple code for good SEO and maximum compatibility with all devices such as desktops, laptops, iPads, iPhones, and others. We always work collaboratively with each client to obtain their input and feedback regarding all phases of the website development and hosting process. The results – our clients get what they want at a very reasonable cost, get responsive answers to their questions and concerns, and gain a partner who understands their business, anticipates their needs, and stays in touch.

Premier One Automotive Apex NC

Premier One Automotive

Premier One Automotive in Apex NC had a website running for 2 or 3 years, but was hardly to be found in Google searches for auto repair in their area. The website was not lacking in content, but the design and customer experience left much to be desired. Get Visual worked interactively with the business owners to get the desired look and content, take new photographs, and incorporate content headings and social media to get the website noticed by search engines. A year's worth of blog posts by IMU Social Media were also integrated with the website. The result – Premier One is now number one in various Google searches for auto repair in the Apex area.

Horsefeathers Roadhouse website Sherrills Ford NC

Horsefeathers Roadhouse

Horsefeathers Roadhouse in Sherrills Ford NC (Lake Norman area) had a website lacking in content and design elements that reflected their brand. This, and a complete lack of search engine optimization (SEO) provided a totally inadequate web presence that was hurting business. Get Visual partnered with IMU Social Media in nearby Davidson NC to create the desired web presence. The result was a custom-themed responsive design WordPress website and blog, coupled with social media – Google+, Facebook, and Twitter – updated on a regular basis. Horsefeathers' web presence has improved dramatically and is bringing customers in the door!

Flat Fee Realty website Morrisville NC

Flat Fee Realty

Flat Fee Realty of Morrisville NC had a 6-year-old website that had become obsolete in terms of design and search engine visibility, and was having a difficult time engaging their web developer to perform updates and search engine optimization (SEO). Get Visual created a simple, clean, comtemporary design that incorporated their existing content and much more additional content as well. We also created a custom mobile companion website to facilitate better customer interaction on phones and small tablets. Get Visual is engaged in ongoing SEO with Flat Fee Realty and this website.

Backyard Bistro website Raleigh NC

Backyard Bistro

Get Visual partnered with Xpress Mobile Solutions of Cary NC to create an entirely new website for Backyard Bistro, a Raleigh BBQ restaurant and sports bar popular with NC State Wolfpack and Carolina Hurricanes fans. Backyard Bistro had a do-it-yourself website that was not effectively communicating their great facility, events, menu, and brand image to customers. Search engine visibility was also an issue, as essentially no search engine optimization (SEO) had been implemented either on or off the website. We incorporated a few design elements desired by the client, then added other elements and a color scheme that enhanced their logo, brand, and other assets with a custom WordPress template. SEO was incorporated into every step along the way.

Apex Downtown Business Association website

Apex Downtown Business Association

Get Visual was approached by the Apex Downtown Business Association (ADBA) in Apex NC to take over their existing website. They were pleasantly surprised with the tri-fold brochure/map we prepared for them, and wanted more of the same great collaborative customer service provided by Get Visual. The ADBA website was lacking in relevant and informative content, up-to-date information on festivals and events, and graphical enhancements. We changed the color scheme and added a business directory, events page, email form, and new photos, while maintaining the clean/simple look and feel familiar to their users. We also work with them regularly to update content and monitor web traffic.

Joseph Wilson MD Orthopaedic Surgeon Raleigh and Durham NC

Joseph Wilson, MD

Dr. Joseph Wilson, an orthopaedic surgeon in Raleigh NC, was very dissatisfied with the cost, lack of customization, and "sameness" of his website that was designed and hosted by one of the national companies serving physicians. He wanted something that provided patients a wealth of information on his specialty of shoulder surgery, and wanted to stand above his competition with regard to useful content and search engine position. Tim McCauley worked directly with him to achieve the desired look, content, and social media / blog posts from IMU Social Media to boost search engine position. Dr. Wilson now ranks near the top in Google searches for his specialty.

The Cabinet Lady website

The Cabinet Lady

The Cabinet Lady, a Cary NC kitchen designer, wanted to create an all new website that was simple to navigate yet full of informative text and pictures. She didn't want to use a "template" approach to mimic someone else's design. She sketched out her detailed website concept on paper, and Get Visual programmed her vision into a series of web pages and navigation menus. Our ground-up "no templates" approach delivered exactly what she wanted, and in a short span of time. We also worked with her in developing the website to optimize the code for search engines, and this has paid off with The Cabinet Lady showing up on first-page search results.

Paws In The City Cary NC

Paws In the City

The new owners of Paws In The City, a natural / holistic pet food store in Cary NC, hired Get Visual to create a new website. The existing site offered very little or outdated information about their unique product lines and was barely visible in some fairly obvious search engine queries. We essentially started over and worked with the owner to write new content, took new photographs of the store, and re-purpose an existing logo with new colors to make the website visually appealing and informaticve to customers. We also teamed up with IMU Social Media to augment the on-site SEO and blog with off-site Twitter and Facebook to get killer results on Google. Paws is at the top for several markets.

Trusted Treasures Estate Sales Raleigh Cary Apex NC

Trusted Treasures Estate Sales

Trusted Treasures Estate Sales in Apex NC brought on Get Visual, when they started the business, to create and help maintain their website. The business owners provided the logo and wrote the content, and we did the rest. The result was a clean and informative website that is simple to navigate, obtain necessary information, and easily contact Trusted Treasures. The website features a photo gallery and unique page for each sale event, and the very "hands on" owners are able to create and update sale pages from the backend. SEO is a challenge in this increasingly competitive business, and we work with Trusted Treasures on an ongoing basis to stay visible.

Town and Country Trader Pittsboro and Chapel Hill NC

Town and Country Trader

Town and Country Trader, a print advertising publication in Pittsboro NC, had a WordPress website hosted and maintained by a web service provider severely lacking in customer service and capacity. The simple website was slow to load and the business owner had difficulty getting content updated and added due to the strange and obtuse template used. Get Visual moved the website to a new host, cutting costs in half and vastly improving load times, and customized a standard WordPress template to look exactly like the existing website. We then updated and created new content, including a web-based version of the publication. We also implemented some SEO best practices and improved search results for this competitive business to page 1 or 2.

Sunset Oaks Homeowners Association

Sunset Oaks Homeowners Association

Sunset Oaks HOA in Holly Springs NC had a Joomla website created by one of the residents who eventually ceased to maintain the site. Get Visual was retained by the HOA board to fix the non-functioning sign-up and restricted access feature of the website, as well as update / create content. After ongoing problems with a poor hosting environment, intermittent inability to send emails from the website, and an overly complex backend that inhibited content changes, Tim moved the website and set up new email accounts. He subsequently worked with one of the HOA board members to create a redesigned responsive WordPress website that was much improved on smartphones. As an added benefit, the ongoing costs of maintaining the website decreased significantly because the improved website backend enables others to create and edit content.

Tekton Speech Processing and Transcription Solutions

Tekton Speech Processing and Transcription Solutions

Tekton had a website for 5+ years, but languished on page 5 or lower of search results in a not too competitive industry. Their website was also providing potential customers little or no information about current product lines and how to make a purchase. Tim McCauley met the owner completely by chance in a coffee shop in Chapel Hill NC, and was soon working with them to create a new website from the ground up. What resulted was a dual WordPress and Zencart implementation, with custom templates for both a website / blog and a web store with all products offered available for purchase online. SEO best practices were used throughout the process, and Tekton is now on page 1 of search results for dictation equipment in about a dozen market areas.

Presence Jewelry Designs website

Presence Jewelry Designs

A local jewelry artist heard about Get Visual through a friend, and we got right to work with her website after our first meeting. Presence Jewelry Designs had an existing e-commerce website that was built around a default site template. The look/feel of the site was cumbersome and outdated, and the artist's work was not well-presented. Get Visual worked collaboratively with Presence to develop the desired website look/feel, from the ground up without the use of any templates. In the process, we discovered that the Zen Cart open source e-commerce platform was an excellent way to marry a custom-designed website with an advanced and flexible e-commerce shopping cart system. As a bonus, the use of this open source solution meant that Presence would be spared monthly fees of $30 to $50 associated with numerous other e-commerce platforms – a true win-win situation.

Big Mikes BBQ website

Big Mikes BBQ

To create interest in their food truck, and to enable customers to easily find them, Big Mikes BBQ in Apex NC asked Get Visual to completely redesign their website and build in live feeds from Twitter and Google calendar. We gave it the look and feel of a down-home North Carolina barbecue joint, complete with red checquered tablecloth for a background. We used their existing logo and created the BBQ barn graphic to get the attention of followers and help customers locate the food truck. Get Visual also added a bunch of Mike's photos of food and events with the red BBQ barn to show just how mouthwatering the food really is! We strongly recommend Big Mikes when you're hungry!

All Booked Up website

All Booked Up

The owner of All Booked Up Unique Book Boutique in Apex NC noticed that the website she created with a do-it-yourself template was not working on iPads and iPhones. In addition, the website was not showing up very well in search engine results. Get Visual diagnosed the problem, and re-coded the website using "clean" code while maintaining the same design, look, and feel that their customers had gotten used to. The re-programming even enabled certain enhancements to be made that were difficult before. Because of the excellent results obtained, Get Visual now maintains the site and performs updates, freeing the All Booked Up staff to continue to find and offer great books.

Apex Arts Council website

Apex Arts Council

The Apex Arts Council in Apex NC wanted a website with a simple, contemporary look and feel, similar to websites they admired from other arts organizations. The AAC found out that Get Visual was locally-based and active in the Apex area, and they liked what they saw among the websites in our portfolio. We worked with the AAC president and a local artist in a collaborative session to design a "clean" looking website that was consistent with their vision of "no boundaries." Get Visual coded the new website with organic search engine optimization in mind, and with a modular design/coding structure to facilitate easy and inexpensive updates and content addition.

Deborah Fleischman CPA PLLC website

Deborah Fleischman CPA PLLC

Deborah Fleischman CPA in Holly Springs NC experimented with do-it-yourself websites, was dissatisfied with the results, and needed to incorporate advanced functionality typically available only with expensive special-purpose web services. She wanted something simple and professional, yet contemporary and visually attractive. It was also important that the initial design and ongoing maintenance be easy and inexpensive, and include a facility for secure file exchanges with clients. As usual, we worked collaboratively with her to design a website that fit all of her criteria and evolve with her business as it grows. Also as usual, both "organic" and external SEO best practices were used.


Historic Downtown Apex Brochure Historic Downtown Apex Map

The Apex Downtown Business Association (ADBA) asked Get Visual to help them develop a tri-fold legal-size map and brochure to provide information to existing and potential customers. The ADBA was aware of several nearby North Carolina communities that had created and published similar materials, and needed a local partner to understand their needs, work with key people in developing a concept, and get something ready to print in time to distribute at spring/summer events and festivals. After agreeing on the concept and vision, we used our unique skills with aerial photos, maps, photography, and illustration software to create a draft brochure for review by an ADBA committee.

Following several review and comment sessions by the ADBA Board, and several work sessions with key ADBA members involved in the project, Get Visual completed a camera-ready PDF file for printing and posting on the ADBA website, well in advance of the spring/summer events kicking off in early May. Ten thousand copies of the map/brochure were printed and distributed to roughly 100 businesses and community organizations. If you're in Downtown Apex, be sure to pick one up and see for yourself the wide variety of shops, dining, artists, and other unique businesses that are there.


Get Visual has decades of experience in using U.S. Census and other data, along with geographic information systems (GIS), to extract and tabulate demographic/economic information for virtually any area. This approach is called location analytics, and it is emerging as a clever and insightful way to analyze business and marketing information. The areas we can analyze includes anything from the entire United States, to a group of states, to a single state, to a county or municipality, to a 1-mile radius from your designated location. Here are a few examples with maps and associated demographics for market areas, regions, states, and other areas of interest.

Apex Downtown Business Association website

Market Analysis for Ding Dong Tea LLC

Get Visual was approached by Ding Dong Tea LLC in Pittsburgh PA to conduct a brief market analysis for their proposed Pittsburgh location. This would involve a comparison of population and characteristics for the Pittsburgh market area with four other market areas in the eastern and midwest U.S. Successful retail locations had already been established in those other four areas, providing good financial data as a benchmark. Ding Dong was in the process of compiling a business plan, and needed accurate and up-to-date demographics in order to provide a clear quantitative indication of their probability of success. They also couldn't spend a fortune on market research or wait more than two weeks to get it. We were able to deliver what they needed quickly. CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT MORE.

Apex Downtown Business Association website

Analysis of Populations in the Industrial Midwest

The outcome of the 2012 presidential election came down to several "swing states" in the industrial midwest area of the U.S., keeping in mind that Florida and Virginia were also critical states. After the election, the news was full of stories about how the Obama campaign targeted certain populations in these states using demographic data from the 2010 U.S. Census. We set out to get a better understanding of the characteristics of the industrial midwest population, quantifying and locating Latinos, African-Americans, Asian-Americans, and young voters, all of whom voted strongly in favor of the President. We used a combined data and GIS mapping approach called location analytics, something we specialize in, and something that offers many advantages over tabular data and bar/pie/line graphs. Get Visual was able to perform this task efficiently. CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT MORE.

Apex Downtown Business Association website

Downtown Apex Market Area Data

The Apex Downtown Business Association (ADBA) knew that Historic Downtown Apex had appeal to a large audience, given the success achieved in revitalizing the downtown since 2005, even during the post-2008 recession. What was not apparent, however, was the exact population and characteristics of what could be considered the target market. The market area population was suspected to be quite large and affluent for a seemingly quiet, charming, somewhat off the beaten path community like Apex. The ADBA came to Get Visual to define and quantify various market areas to gain firsthand knowedge of just how much potential existed within short distances of Downtown Apex. Once again, we made use of readily available and inexpensive maps and data from federal, state, and local government sources, including Wake County and the U.S. Census, to quickly compile and present the information. The results were surprising, and useful for attracting more businesses. CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT MORE.

Neighborhood Market Area in Milwaukee WI

Market Analysis for A Small Retail Store

Tim McCauley, President of Get Visual, was assigned this project with a team of three other people as part of the Marketing Management course for his MBA program at Marquette University in Milwaukee WI back in 2007. This small store, located in the neighborhood commercial area of thriving older urban neighborhood in Milwaukee, had been open for less than a year and was unsure about its future profitability, market potential, and ability to survive. The team identified many positive characteristics of the store and its overall competitiveness due to good location, product offerings, ambiance, etc. Since the neighborhood was somewhat close to other parts of the city with relatively low incomes and high rates of poverty and violent crime, there was reason for doubt that the nearby shopping population would be able to support it. However, a factual look at the demographic and economic characteristics of both nearby and somewhat far-flung market areas told a much different story. CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT MORE.

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